Spring Internships

Fall and Spring Semester 2017-2018

Kitchen Internship

Interns will learn about ordering, inventory, record keeping, as well as safe ways to store and serve food.  Our Shelter is the perfect place for individuals to get first-hand experience in dealing with customers, and creatively solving last minute complications.  Get the details here: https://www.umass.edu/umfa/job-board-detail/12203

Shelter Internship

This internship is an introduction to social services.  The objective of this internship is to get to know the guests, and help Craig’s Place staff and managers with on site tasks.  The intern will be asked to provide weekly updates about their experiences at the Craig’s Place Shelter, and interactions with guests.

Marketing Internship

As the Marketing Intern, you will have opportunity to apply what they have learned in their classes to the Non-profit and Political atmosphere.  In addition to helping Craig’s Doors develop a social media strategy, these interns will work with the Executive Director to re-shape the way that individuals in the Town and State view people who are homeless.  Each intern will also have the opportunity to help design and run a major fundraising and awareness event.

  • Year: Juniors and Seniors.
  • Suggested Major: Marketing
  • Semesters: Summer, Fall, or Spring