Fall Internships

Fall and Spring Semester 2017-2018

Kitchen Intern
Shelter Intern
Management Intern
Marketing Intern
Statistics Intern

Kitchen Internship

Interns will learn about ordering, inventory, record keeping, as well as safe ways to store and serve food.  Our Shelter is the perfect place for individuals to get first-hand experience in dealing with customers, and creatively solving last minute complications.  Get the details here: https://www.umass.edu/umfa/job-board-detail/12203

Shelter Internship

This internship is an introduction to social services.  The objective of this internship is to get to know the guests, and help Craig’s Place staff and managers with on site tasks.  The intern will be asked to provide weekly updates about their experiences at the Craig’s Place Shelter, and interactions with guests.

Management Intern

Take part in a team to help Craig’s Doors develop and implement a strategic fundraising plan for 2018.  We are looking for inters who can work on individual projects and as a team. The team will work together with Program staff to evaluate past years fundraising activities, and set a plan for increasing donations in the coming year.

As a Management Intern, you would report directly to the Executive Director. You would be responsible for overseeing all tasks involved in the plan, and ensuring everyone is remaining on task. As a volunteer team manager, you will gain incredible experience leading others, facilitating conversation, re-directing bad ideas, working in non-profits, and helping others. You have the opportunity to also work with program staff and the Board of Directors. It will be your responsibility to translate the plan into a presentation for the Board of Directors.

Marketing Internships:

There are 357 people homeless in Hampshire County. Most of them will never reach 50 years of age. As an intern of Craig’s Doors, you will have the opportunity to make a difference for the 150 individuals who come to Craig’s Doors each year seeking shelter. As an intern with Craig’s Doors, you will help sway public perception through a strong marketing campaign.

         1. Shelter Sunday:
As a Shelter Sunday Marketing Intern, you will help put together the annual Shelter Sunday event! During this process, you will learn about developing fundraising and public awareness, how to troubleshoot ideas, project budgeting, advertising, webdesign, social media, volunteer recruitment and organizing, and about event partnerships.  During this internship, you will work closely with the Executive Director of Craig’s Doors, Craig’s Doors board members, and the Shelter Sunday Committee.


         2.  Strategic Fundraising Internship:

Take part in an epic team, to help Craig’s Doors develop and implement a strategic fundraising plan for 2018. We are looking for interns who can work on individual projects and as a team. The team will work together with Program staff to evaluate past years’ fundraising activities, and set a plan for increasing donations in the coming year.

As a marketing intern you can specialize in one or more of the following areas:

Overall Planning – Develop strategies to increasing the number of individual donors, and the $$ value of current donors. You will help expand event participation, online giving, and total number of donors through targeted marketing strategies.

Public Relations: Building a positive reputation is essential to raising funds. As a PR intern, your responsibility is to evaluate how aspects of the fundraising plan will affect the reputation of Craig’s Doors for our donors, our clients, the business district, students, and the town. Come with ideas on how to improve Craig’s Doors reputation.

Web site design: The website is an important piece of a fundraising plan. Your responsibility will be to incorporate the web site into the fundraising plan. You will have the opportunity to work with Word Press, to design a mobile friendly website. Come with your own ideas!

Social Media: Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, to create fresh content. Work with the internship team to create content that targets specific populations and expands our social base. You will have the opportunity to draft blog posts. This task will not be done exclusively behind a computer screen. You will meet program staff, Craig’s Doors board, current and former shelter guests, as well as individuals in our Rapid Rehousing program. Using template ideas provided by the PR and Marketing interns, as well as your own ideas, you will interview, photograph, and upload to the internet content that will inspire. The Statistics intern will help you to determine how likely your content is to increase followers.

Donor Relations: In this internship you learn what makes donors continue giving year after year, and what can encourage a donor to give more. You will design a system for easily thanking donors in a personalized way. You will work with the statistics intern to see if there are trends in our donor data that can help us to focus our outreach and prevent alienating or over soliciting our donor base.

Special Events: This is the fun part of a Fundraising Plan. Planning a major event is exciting, and there are many steps involved in the process. Each event requires an intern to coordinate, plan, prepare and pull off a fundraiser. Last year, Craig’s Doors had 2 fundraisers – Shelter Sunday (www.sheltersunday.org) on October 16th, and our Harvest Dinner on October 18th. To this, we are adding a road race in September 2018, as well as the ideas that interns and staff bring to the table.

Statistics Intern

Work in all levels of the agency to help bring data to life.  As a statistics intern, you will come up with quantitative and qualitative measurements to evaluate the success of both programs and fundraisers.  You will oversee the use of your measurements, and put together reports to show progress.  You will gain experience working with google analytics, as well as the statistics generated by our programs.  Work with marketing interns to turn your statistics into stories that impact readers.