Our Partners

United Way of Hampshire County

United Way of Hampshire County engages and inspires the people, employers, and organizations of Hampshire County to give, advocate, and volunteer on behalf or our community. Our vision is that all individuals and families have the tools and resources to reach their full potential through
education, economic security, and wellness.


 Shelter Sunday

Committed to addressing hunger and homelessness

Shelter Sunday is a one day door to door solicitation of Amherst neighborhoods.  On the third Sunday in October, community and student volunteers walk door-to-door through the neighborhoods of Amherst. After gathering in the lobby of the UMass Fine Arts Center, they go out in groups of 3-5 people and sent out to Canvass. Within a few hours they visit over 3,400 residences.  Historically, Shelter Sunday was organized by Amherst Friends for the Homeless, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. In 2013, $31,000 was collected and distributed to organizations that provide services to our neighbors in need.

The traditions of Shelter Sunday are carried on today by the benefiting organizations.

Craig’s Doors, Not Bread Alone, Amherst Community Connections

To ask more about becoming a ‘benefiting organization’ please contact: info@sheltersunday.com